The Weekly E.T. — Become a Better Video Editor

Over the past year I’ve been focusing on bettering myself as a Video Editor. I’ve been doing this by reading books on the subject, watching TV shows/movies/commercials/etc more closely, learning new editing software and continuing to edit personal and paid projects.

Last week I thought it’d be cool if I could find a website that gave weekly editing tips. After looking for nearly 20 minutes (!) I decided to just make my own.

The Weekly E.T. (Editing Tips) will feature, as one would imagine, a new editing tip every week.If you are someone who wishes to refresh or improve their skills, as a Video Editor, subscribe to my blog and you will receive an email notification for every new tip. I would love for this to be a social thing as well, so feel free to leave comments/suggestions on every post. If you have an E.T. of your own you’d like to share, email me at and you can write a guest post for my site.

The first E.T. will be posted tomorrow!

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